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TV Themed Activities & Events in Anaheim

TV Themed Activities & Events in  Anaheim

Bring some excitement to your next employee event with our TV themed activities based on hit reality shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, Minute To Win It and more.

Engage employees with TV themed activities and challenges

Are you looking for ways to liven up your next corporate event? Imagine being able to challenge your team in a TV show competition like The Amazing Race, Survivor, or Minute to Win It. Our TV themed activities in Anaheim are the perfect way to wow your team with an unforgettable experience.

You can partner with us on an interactive activity based on a variety of popular TV shows. If your team has ever shouted at a reality TV show and thought they could do better – this is their chance. Our TV themed activities use many of the rules and challenges from the shows they are inspired by – along with a few surprises and curveballs as well!

Big and small companies in Anaheim work with us every day on TV themed activities for corporate groups. That's why you can expect an exceptional experience and an easy planning process. Your team will be engaged right from the start of the activity, and employees will be excited to tell friends and family about what happened at your event.

Our event was well organized, challenging and fun. We appreciated the attention paid to make the race look and feel like the show. There were a number of benefits for us, and we received value for our money and will gladly recommend you. Thanks again."

Explore your activity and event options

Many of our most popular corporate group activities and events are based on or inspired by TV shows. From reality TV to food and news broadcasting, we have a variety of activities to engage your team. We can also customize any activity for your goals. You can learn about all of our TV themed activities in the sections below or explore all of our activities to find the perfect solution for your group.

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Your team can star in their own reality TV show competition

Reality TV competitions are the perfect inspiration for team building. Get all the action and drama right here in Anaheim with our reality TV themed activities and events.

  • The Amazing Race – While you might not have the budget to take your team on an adventure around the world, The Amazing Chase gives employees the chance to race through Anaheim. Explore the city as you complete "Road Block" and "Detour" challenges on the way to the finish line.
  • Fear Factor – Looking to get everyone out of their comfort zones? In Urban Fear Factor, your team will face their fears in a series of challenges around Anaheim, themed around the classic reality TV show.
  • Survivor – Outwit, outplay, and outlast! In Corporate Castaways, teams compete in a series of challenges inspired by Survivor. Challenge employees with rope courses, giant puzzles, and blindfolded obstacle courses.

Change the channel with other types of TV themed activities

Looking for something different? Your team can take part in a whole range of activities inspired by other popular TV shows and genres as well.

  • Game ShowsMinute To Win It challenges employees in a series of seemingly simple 60-second physical challenges. For teams who are fans of quiz shows like Jeopardy, an activity like Code Break will give you a mental workout.
  • The Food Network – Transform into chef competitors with culinary TV themed activities like Cake Creators.
  • The News – Is your group made up of news junkies? In Going Live, employees get in front of the camera to deliver a three minute news and weather broadcast, based on the theme of your choice.
  • Cop Shows – Become a team of detectives in CI: The Crime Investigators. Fight for justice, and work together to solve a Anaheim crime.

Why we’re trusted in Anaheim

When it comes to TV themed activities in Anaheim, there are no other companies quite like us.

Customers trust us because we run consistently great events. Our team is fast at responding to new inquiries, and getting you the information you need right away. It doesn't matter how big or small your company is, where you're located, or what your time constraints are – we will work with you to find the best solution for your group.

It was a fantastic event. You had everyone fully engaged at all times, and made everyone think and pull together quickly as teams and we laughed at every moment in between. The afternoon was filled with positive and creative energy that left a great impression on everyone. Your events truly define ‘Team Building’!”

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